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Reliable Review Services has a nationwide network of physician and allied experts for independent peer review services. RRS has built this network of board-certified, active practice specialists over the course of our tenure and continuously adds only those physicians with the best qualifications.

RRS adheres to best practices and URAC standards with its credentialing process. New reviewers are recruited on an ongoing basis and are thoroughly vetted, using primary source verification. In addition, our entire reviewer panel is re-credentialed every two years or upon license/board expiration. This process ensures the credibility of each and every review our clients receive.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Reliable RS, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and affords equal opportunity to all qualified applicants for all positions without regard to protected veteran status, qualified individuals with disabilities and all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age or any other status protected under local, state or federal laws.

Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans -- See Federal Employment Poster.